Saturday, November 3, 2012

New website!

Hey all! Just wanted to post one last quick update to this blog, Moneybags Software now has an actual website at:

Look there for the latest news and updates from us :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

8000 lines of code, one computer crash, and 7 months later, my latest Android game, Mini Wars, is finally done!

Mini Wars on Google Play
Mini Wars Promotion

Command your soldiers, upgrade your units and destroy the enemy!
The Red Army has brought the rest of the world to its knees. Now they're coming for you.
As the last line of defense for your home, command your armies and strike back against the forces of the Red Army!

Command your soldiers, upgrade your units and destroy the enemy!
Over 30 levels of upgrades to maximize the power of your army and base!
Determine the best deployment strategy for your troops to defeat the endless onslaught of the Red Army!
See how far you can advance your army and how much damage you can do!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Speedometer Pro 1.2

Now with more odometer!
I added an odometer to keep track of your total distance (in miles). You can toggle between two views in the latest version of Speedometer Pro, the original look of previous versions or the new interface which includes the odometer. Simply tap the options key of your Android device to bring up a little menu that will allow you to easily switch back and forth between the two views.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tip Calculator Pro

Dine in style with this prestigious little tip calculator. Only $0.99!

"Feast on your meal in the comfort of knowing that you will know exactly how little tip to leave your undeserving server. Enjoy the looks of jealousy when your fellow companions realize you're not using just any old tip calculator, but Tip Calculator Pro, the most suave and sophisticated tip calculator money can buy.

Live the life of style and richness with Tip Calculator Pro today!"

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My (Extremely) Humble Android Sales Figures

Some of you may have seen Edward Kim's blog post about his sales figures for his wildly popular Car Locator application on the Android Market. For those of you that haven't and are interested in getting into app development for Android devices, check it out :

It's a pretty inspiring post to say the least. It's definitely one of the reasons I'm so interested in mobile app development, it showed me that small developers can make a nice little sum of money even when pursuing their own interests. But I digress, a post dedicated to my aspirations and motivations can wait, back to the interesting stuff:

I published my first application (LED Flashlight) on Christmas Day. Since then I have been releasing new applications within a 3 - 4 days of each other. Although my success story is nowhere near that of Edward Kim's, I'm still quite happy where I am today.

I have been on the market for 17 days now (not including today) and have made a gross profit of $158.40. My net profit is $110.40, $85.40 if you factor in Google's initial publishing fee. Now I know more than a couple of you just snorted at that, "a hundred dollars is chump change," and while I totally see where you're coming from, I'm still thrilled with the results. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't expecting to even recoup the initial $25 fee until at least a month had passed. To my surprise I had accomplished that in the first 4 days of LED Flashlight being on the market.

Some interesting points:
-I on average make $6.50 a day from app sales. That's net.
-160 copies of my apps have been purchased.
-Like Eddie Kim, I have literally done no marketing for these apps with the exception of this webpage (which I created today).

In summary, while my sales aren't the best, I'm still satisfied due to having very low expectations in the first place. It's nice to have some extra pocket cash coming around, especially as I'm always playing the role of a broke college student. To any aspiring app developers out there, I implore you to dive in, it's not that hard to get started. I'm still not sure which is more surprising, how easy it was to make my first apps or the fact that I'm making any money off of them. Anyways, on that note, I leave you with this:

Rainy Day

My favorite of the bunch, an application I myself use on a daily basis. I have plans to expand on this app a lot in the future (more noises, backgrounds, alarm clock, etc...) so do yourself a favor and grab this one while its still $0.99!

"Sit back. Relax. Add some calming ambiance to your surroundings with Rainy Day, a white noise generator for your Android device.

Fall asleep more easily and enhance your music with Rainy Day today! Enjoy the longest and highest quality ambient noise the Android Market has to offer!

-Very high quality rain loop!
-Built in customizable backgrounds!
-Rainy Day continues to play in the background even if you leave the app, allowing you to use your phone while you enjoy the soothing sounds of rain.
-Rainy Day lets you listen to your favorite music simultaneously!"

Awesome Fart

Formerly known as Fart Pro, this entertaining little app boasts a wide variety of fart noises and accelerometer support so you can prank your friends. As usual, you can find this baby on the Android Market for $0.99.

"A feature filled fart app for your phone!

Prank and embarrass your friends, co-workers, and family with hilarious fart sounds! Includes loud farts, squeaky farts, wet farts, explosive farts, and many more!

Easily enable and disable the built in accelerometer feature to prank your friends! This allows you to generate fart noises simply by moving the phone. Place your phone in a friends bag and watch the ensuing hilarity!"